The office has a long history

The National Audit Office is historically the key financial monitoring organ in Finland. It is the oldest Finnish state institution responsible for auditing the financial management of the state and the state economy.

The National Audit Office's history goes back to 1695, when an independent body was set up to monitor financial administration under the Swedish crown. (Finland was part of the kingdom of Sweden at the time.) The actual forerunner of the National Audit Office was established in 1824 under the Financial Department of the Finnish Senate.

During the period when Finland was under Russian rule (1812-1917) and in the early years of independence, audit activities remained largely unchanged, focusing on numerical audits of government accounts and the regularity of administration. The basis for the present system of the audit of central government finances was created by the Constitution of 1919.

An Audit Office began operating under the Ministry of Finance in 1924. After the Second World War audit activities were reformed and under legislation that was approved in 1947 the National Audit Office was established in 1948.

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