NAOF's management

The National Audit Office of Finland is headed by the Auditor General, who is elected by Parliament for a term of six years.

The Auditor General for 2016–2021 is Ms Tytti Yli-Viikari. The Auditor General approves the audit plan and decides on the reports to be submitted to Parliament and on audit guidelines.

In addition to the Auditor General, the NAOF’s management also comprises the Directors of the Impact Areas, the Directors of the Competence Centres, the Director for Administration and Resources, the Director for Legal Issues and the NAOF’s Management System, and the Director for Digitalization.

Directors of the Impact Areas:

Directors of the Competence Centres:

Director for Administration and Resources: Tuula Sandholm
Director for Legal Issues and the NAOF’s Management System: Mikko Koiranen
Director for Digitalization: Miikka Saarteinen