Data protection and other information about the service is a web service of the National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF). The NAOF’s communications team is responsible for the maintenance and technical development of the service. The service is targeted at policy-makers, public-sector actors, the media, and citizens. The main purpose of the service is to publish audit information and provide information about good management of public finances.

Contents in the web service are published in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The contents in Swedish and English may be more limited than the contents available in Finnish.

The press releases published in the service are imported from the STT Info portal, videos from YouTube, and presentations from the SlideShare service.

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Here, ‘personal data file’ means a set of personal data connected by a common use. The requirement for a privacy statement is set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Privacy statement on the customer and stakeholder register (PDF)

Privacy statement on the personnel’s contact details in the service (PDF)

Privacy statement on the case and document management system (PDF)

Privacy statement on financial audit data (PDF)

Data Protection Officer of the NAOF is Juhani Heimsch,

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