NAOF's strategy

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Comprehensive renewal is at the core of the NAOF’s strategy. This gives us the capacity to prepare for the future and react quickly to changes in the world around us. We can have an impact on society by sharing our visionary approach, by cooperating with our stakeholders and by actively sharing knowledge.

Our tasks

The National Audit Office of Finland is an independent authority that audits central government finances, evaluates fiscal policy, and oversees election campaign and political party funding. Some of the tasks of the National Audit Office are to secure Parliament’s ability to use its budgetary powers and ensure that central government finances are managed in a lawful, transparent and profitable manner. The NAOF audits central government finances and compliance with the state budget, secures transparency of election and political party funding, as well as monitors fiscal policy, aiming at sustainable and stable general government finances and understandable fiscal policy rules.

Strategic priorities and goals

Impact on society

  • Improved performance of central government finances

  • Improved trust in the information on which decisions are based

  • Improved trust in Finnish central government acting openly, profitably and sustainably

Materiality, timeliness, and relevant topics

  • We audit matters that are important from the viewpoint of central government finances or that involve significant risks to central government finances

  • Our audits have wide-ranging effects

  • We are present when it is possible to influence issues

Customer-oriented products and services

  • We have a good customer knowledge built through active interaction

  • We serve with a constructive, forward-looking approach

  • Our products are transparent, clear and offered through multiple channels

Competent personnel and high well-being at work

  • We are skilled professionals in the auditing of central government finances and effectiveness – we are sparring partners who understand the big picture

  • We fluently work together, making the most of each other’s strengths

Efficient shared processes and operating methods

  • With our processes, we have an impact on our customers

  • We are able to anticipate and be flexible

  • We complement our expertise with expert networks and communities

Active builder of the future

  • We boldly try out new technologies and methods

  • We invest in lifelong learning, and we offer diverse learning opportunities

  • We develop ourselves together with the international network of supreme audit institutions

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