Finnish Transparency Register

Finland introduced a Transparency Register in 2024 as the first Nordic country.

Any long-term and systematic lobbying or lobbying consultancy that targets Parliament or the ministries is to be disclosed to the Finnish Transparency Register. The aim of the Register is to improve the transparency of decision-making, combat inappropriate influencing and strengthen citizens’ trust in the central government and democracy.

Organisations carrying out lobbying must register with the online service of the Finnish Transparency Register and submit a disclosure of activities there every six months. Registrations and disclosures of activities are published online and can be accessed by journalists, researchers and citizens alike.

All new actors must register no later than on the date on which they start lobbying or lobbying consultancy. Lobbying and lobbying consultancy activities are disclosed to the Transparency register twice a year: disclosures of activities between January and June are submitted between July and August, and disclosures of activities between July and December are submitted between January and February.

The National Audit Office of Finland acts as the registrar of the Finnish Transparency Register and oversees the use of the Register. The NAOF reports to Parliament once during each parliamentary term on the operation and oversight of the Register. The Finnish Transparency Register also has an Advisory Board, which, for example, takes initiatives to develop the Register and defines ethical recommendations for lobbying.

You can find more information about the Finnish Transparency Register, registering with it and submitting disclosures at the website.