Planning and monitoring

The impact goals, focus areas and strategic guidelines of the National Audit Office of Finland are set out in the NAOF’s strategy.

The strategy of the NAOF includes guidelines about how audits are targeted, what the goals for audit, evaluation and expert work are, and how the NAOF is developing its operations.

The NAOF’s strategy is translated into concrete plans in the audit and oversight plan, operating and financial plan, and performance targets. The audits are based on the audit plan, as laid down in the Act on the National Audit Office.

The Planning and Financial Services team is responsible for planning and monitoring the operations and finances of the NAOF. The team is also responsible for the internal control and risk management of the processes related to human resources administration and for the NAOF’s financial statement and report of operations.

You can view the current audit and oversight plan here.

You can find the National Audit Office’s latest annual report to Parliament here. Previous annual reports are also available online.

Below you can find final accounts, previous audit plans and other documents. If you need older documents, please contact the NAOF’s registry: kirjaamo[at]