Planning and monitoring

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NAOF'S long-term goals, priorities and policies are set out in the agency's strategy.

The strategy lays out how the audits are focused, lists the goals for audit, evaluation and expert activities, and describes how NAOF is developing its work. The strategy of the National Audit Office is translated into concrete plans in the agency’s annual audit plan, operating and financial plan and performance targets. The audits are based on the audit plan, as laid down in the Act on the National Audit Office.

Working in cooperation with the agency’s other departments, the planning function of the Executive Office prepares proposals for policies, audit plans and performance targets, which are then submitted to NAOF’s management for approval. The planning function also prepares the macroeconomic risk analyses of the central government finances and the analyses of the operating environment for audit planning. The Administrative Services Unit prepares the agency’s annual operating and financial plan as well as its final accounts.

Audit plans

Audit plan of the National Audit Office 2018-2022


Annual report 2017 of Financial statement

Annual Report 2016 of Financial Statement

Annual Report 2015 of Financial Statement

Previous statements

Annual report to Parliament 2018

Annual report to Parliament 2017

Annual report to Parliament 2016

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Other documents for planning and monitoring

The National Audit Office’s Strategy for 2013-2020