Report on the oversight of election campaign funding in the 2019 parliamentary elections

The National Audit Office has overseen compliance with the obligation to disclose election funding and election campaign costs in the 2019 parliamentary elections as prescribed by law. All persons subject to the disclosure obligation filed an election funding disclosure.

The National Audit Office requested all disclosers to provide reports on the accuracy of the election funding disclosures. The purpose was to verify the information contained in the disclosures. The candidates were requested to provide the reports in the form of bank statements of the bank accounts they had used in their election campaigns.

When processing and verifying the disclosures, the National Audit Office requested 92 disclosers to supplement or correct their disclosures. The corrections were mainly related to specifying the funding information provided in the election funding disclosures.

The oversight process can be considered functional at general level. However, the transparency of election campaign funding is still based on open and honest disclosures by those subject to the disclosure obligation. No formal obligation to monitor campaign costs and funding is laid down in legislation.

The National Audit Office did not receive any complaints concerning the election funding disclosures in connection with the 2019 parliamentary elections.

Based on the processing of the disclosures or the reports and supplementary information it received, the National Audit Office is not aware of any such matters on the basis of which it would have reasons to doubt the accuracy of the disclosures filed.


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URN:NBN: VTV-R192019vp