A new section in VTV.fi: How to prepare for an audit by the National Audit Office

A new section on how to prepare for an audit has been added to the VTV.fi website. It provides organisations with information on how they can prepare for the audits conducted by the NAOF.

The basis for the audits, the criteria applied to them and the stages of the audit process are now all described on the website. The aim of the National Audit Office is to cooperate more closely with the audited organisations, to contribute to sustainable development in the public sector and to facilitate the work of the organisations.

The audits conducted by the NAOF help to ensure that state funds are efficiently and appropriately used. The audits also help the audited organisations to develop their state-funded activities. The audits by the NAOF are conducted in compliance with audit guidelines that are based on the international ISSAI auditing standards. The audits provide information for Parliament and senior government officials.

The audited organisations must provide the NAOF with the required information and assist in the audit if necessary. The audited organisations have the right to receive up-to-date information on the progress of the audit and they can also contact the NAOF at any stage of the audit.

Read more about the audit guidelines, criteria and stages in the new section:

How to prepare for an audit by the National Audit Office