NAOF has submitted its annual report to Parliament

NAOF’s Auditor General Tytti Yli-Viikari and Assistant Auditor General Marko Männikkö presented NAO’Fs annual report to Paula Risikko, Speaker of Finnish Parliament. The annual report presents to Parliament NAOF’s key observations on central government finances and governance based on audit findings.

The National Audit Office’s annual report was published on Wednesday, 12 September. In the report, the NAOF provides a summary of the current status of central government finances and governance. There are online articles that provide more information on the observations. The articles are published at the same time as the annual report at

According to Tytti Yli-Viikari, risk management of the Government as a whole must be improved. Risk management and thus securing the continuity of operations in society have received very little attention at all levels of central government. Clarifying both risk management as a whole and the responsibility of the different actors on risks would be important.

The report is a compilation of observations from several audits under three themes. In addition to risk management, other themes include off-balance sheet liabilities and good governance.

The annual report of the National Audit Office of Finland will be published in English later this autumn on the NAOF’s website.