Overview of European audits on youth unemployment

The Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union has published an overview of youth unemployment audit reports.

Tackling youth unemployment is one of the top agendas of the most EU Member States. In 2016, over 4 million young Europeans could not find work and the proportion facing long-term unemployment remains high. The aim of national supreme audit institutions and the European Court of Auditors is to ensure that the EU funds used to tackle the problem are being used effectively.

NAOF is an active member of the Contact Committee. The audit compendium published by the Contact Committee deals with audits related to youth unemployment and the integration of young people into the labour market. It is based on audit reports by the supreme audit institutions of 13 EU Member States and the European Court of Auditors from years 2013–2017.

Contact Committee’s audit compendium is a new type of publication that includes an overview explaining youth unemployment and the role of the EU and its Member States on the theme. It also provides an overview of recent audit work by the national supreme audit institutions of 13 EU Member States and the European Court of Auditors, including details of each audit.

The compendium is designed as a source of information for everyone interested in the topic and is available in 23 EU languages. The compendium is meant to enhance the communication of relevant audit messages to the broader public.

Read the audit compendium here