The NAOF has audited the final central government accounts and the 2018 Government’s annual report

The final central government accounts have been prepared in accordance with relevant provisions. The Government’s annual report for 2018 includes the information required under law.

The final central government accounts for 2018 have been prepared in accordance with all appropriate provisions. Based on the results of the audits, the National Audit Office draws attention to the procedures that are contrary to the state budget and in violation of the key budget provisions and that are also in contravention of the provisions on central government finances laid down in the Constitution of Finland.

The 2018 Government’s annual report contains the details of the state of central government and general government finances required under law. The report provides information, for example, on compliance with fiscal policy rules and the achievement of the Government’s objectives, as well as on the main central government risks, assets and off-balance sheet liabilities. However, it would be useful to describe the information content in more detail, particularly the descriptions concerning local government finances, taxation and central government liabilities and risks.

In an event organised by the NAOF last autumn, the authors of the Government’s annual report discussed the development of their work and its effectiveness. Collaboration with central government works smoothly, but the contents of the annual report should be made more concise by focusing on bigger trends instead of individual measures.