Finnish climate change policies – A Summary of audits

In 2008–2011, National Audit Office of Finland conducted a series of audits related to climate and energy policy. The objective of these audits was to examine whether the central government had a clear idea about the climate and energy policy objectives as well as the types of policy instruments and their cost-efficiency.

Five performance audits were carried out as a part of the thematic examination:

  • Emissions trading – flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto protocol (2009), follow-up audit (2011)

  • The state’s role in increasing the supply of lots and creating a more compact urban structure (2010)

  • Promoting renewable energy (2010)

  • Support for energy and climate technology (2011)

  • Mitigating climate change – The preparation and implementation of the national climate and energy strategy (2011).

This publication summarizes the main findings of these audits.