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Monitoring of election and party funding

National Audit Office of Finland

We audit the state's finances, monitor and evaluate fiscal policy and oversee election and party funding. We operate in affiliation with the Parliament as Finland's Supreme Audit Institution.Through our independent audit work we ensure that public funds are spent according to Parliament's decisions, in compliance with legislation and wisely and that fiscal policy is exercised in a sustainable manner.


Current issues

The National Audit Office is the independent body responsible for evaluating Finland’s fiscal policy. It supervises the setting of and compliance with the rules steering fiscal policy. By evaluation fiscal policy, the National Audit Office promotes transparent and easy-to-understand regulation and stable and sustainable general government finances.
As part of its evaluation task, the National Audit Office is responsible for monitoring the preparation and implementation of the General Government Fiscal Plan, for ensuring the reliability of macroeconomic forecasts and for evaluating compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact. The National Audit Office also monitors compliance with the medium-term objective (MTO) for general government finances and its correction mechanism. The National Audit Office also produces an assessment of the draft budgetary plan.
The evaluation observations are contained in a report on the management of general government finances (issued in May-June) and in a separate report to Parliament in which the meeting of the fiscal policy objectives is more extensively reviewed (issued in November-December). The separate report contains an in-year examination of the compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact, which is based on the autumn forecasts and the draft budgetary plan.

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