The NAOF will launch its new organization

The National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF) is changing its organization. The aim is to clarify the management model and strengthen the audit and monitoring activities.

During the past year, the NAOF has scrutinized its activities comprehensively. The NAOF’s efficient operations are supported not only by the organization and the management system but also, for example, by long-term development of competence and the working community.

“The NAOF’s task is to ensure that state funds are used for the purposes designated by Parliament, prudently and in compliance with the law. All our activities must support this task as well possible,” says Auditor General Sami Yläoutinen.

  • As from the beginning of 2023, the activities of the National Audit Office will be organized in the following three units:
    Audit Unit, headed by Jaakko Eskola

  • Monitoring and Oversight Unit, headed by Matti Okko, and

  • Shared Services Unit, headed by Tuula Sandholm.

The Audit Unit is responsible for the financial audits of the central government accounting offices and for conducting annually varying audits. The topics of ongoing and coming audits can be found in the audit and monitoring plan, the next update of which will be published at the beginning of January.

The Monitoring and Oversight Unit is responsible for fiscal policy monitoring, oversight of political party and election campaign funding, and fiscal policy audits. The unit is also responsible for processing complaints and reports on irregularities, and for the NAOF’s new tasks related to the transparency register.

The Shared Services Unit is responsible for producing and developing, for example, HR, financial and information management services, as well as communications and networks services.